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 Rembrandt Casino

Rembrandt Casino

the high range of online casinos choosing quite difficult for the right casino. And then it is very nice when you have made the choice for a casino where you do not just nice welcome bonuses and other actions, but where you also have to deal with fast customer service.

Self test

to make sure that all the promises were made I began to research itself, and have therefore opened an account with Rembrandt Casino. I was pleasantly surprised with a nice free welcome bonus of € 5, and also with wide range of other welcome bonuses.

For questions I could reach the customer in two ways, via email and via live chat . The live chat hours are very spacious for 12 hours in the afternoon until 12 o’clock at night. By asking my question on the live chat was immediately answered in a neat, easy and understandable way

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Profits determine distribution

Playing is fun, of course, winning even more fun. After making a deposit had the luck was with me and win succeeded Rembrandt Casino. When I wanted these profits also like to go through the casino out. Again, this was no problem.

Just wanted to contact the customer service, here it became clear what data needed for verification. These had to be sent by email, and so my test with the customer was made immediately complete. Again, a quick response. My data is quickly absorbed into the system and my first payout to my own bank account was then quickly settled.

A complete, clear, uncluttered casino with slot machines, live casino table games, scratch cards and a nice sportsbook. Nice welcome bonuses and excellent customer

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