Month of May Celebration Month Rembrandt Casino

month of May Celebration Month Rembrandt Casino

on the seventeenth of May fourth Rembrandt casino his first birthday. But if you think you missed the party, you’re wrong! Rembrandt They include four to six weeks! Until the World Cup you can then begin to participate in the first anniversary of your favorite online casino!

Every day an exciting promotion!

In May you become as visitor Rembrandt Casino rewarded with a large amount of casino bonuses Netherlands. In the first half of the month you got a new bonus on deposit each day you did. Now is the time for crazy promotions!

From May 17 begins the six-week festival that works towards the World Cup in Brazil. You only have to log in every day to find a ‘daily deal’ promotion. For example, you can find the wheel of fortune, where you get some free spins. But you will also find promotions that have to do with bingo lingo and cash back bonuses.

World anticipation

Rembrandt Casino they love football and with the upcoming World Cup, they want to celebrate this festive season. Football Themes such as orange, Brazil, carnival, football, and more, so you will have enough encounter this huge birthday party. Most likely you will also find some nice preparatory promotions, so you are stuck getting a taste of all the fun extras you can expect during the World Cup in Rembrandt!

Exciting new games

Do you prefer fun games than promotions, it is also thought of you. Rembrandt Casino comes with fifty new games! As of May also in terms of games very exciting and innovative.

The month of May has already begun. Who knows what great promotion there waiting for you today … so jump the Rembrandt Casino website and discover all the great casino games and Promotes there waiting for you!

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